How to use LEGO brick to make a BrixiaM35 light Mortar?

It’s said that BrixiaM35 mortar is a classic mortar during the World War II.Those who praised it would say, “This is the best designed small-caliber mortar in the world.”However, People who hated it said, “This is the most complicated device in the world to launch a pound of weight 500 yards away.” The design of the BrixiaM35 gives it flexibility and stability, and it can quickly disrupt enemy infantry before they deploy their formations.


BrixiaM35迫击炮是二战中一款经典的迫击炮。 赞扬它的人不惜将其称为“世界上设计最好的小口径迫击炮”,厌恶它的人则将其称之为“世界上最复杂的把一磅重量发射到500码远的装置。” BrixiaM35既可以近距离平射,又可以远距离曲射,至于威力不足的问题则可以用超越普通迫击炮,步兵炮的超高射速来弥补(25发/分的射速成为45mmBrixiaM35轻型迫击炮的最大特点,这样的超高射速无论以当时还是如今的标准来判断都是相当了不起的,通过这种高射速BrixiaM35迫击炮可以有效压制敌军步兵的进攻。一般迫击炮的射速下敌人可以通过射击间隔借助掩蔽物跃进,但同样的事情到了45mmBrixxiaM35轻型迫击炮这里就完全行不通了。阵地前沿4到500米范围内,敌人步兵还未能展开就会被45mmBrixiaM35轻型迫击炮的射击导致无法展开战斗队形。达成这种高射速的秘诀在于两点:1.炮尾装弹,直接到位。2.由弹匣自动装填空包弹作为发射药,方便快捷。

picture of BrixiaM35

So let’s see how to build a brick BrixiaM35.


first step
The Gun barrel is not connected to the it’s body, but the structure is enough to hold them together tightly.

Now you already have a BrixiaM35,Enjoy It yourself~

If you want more information about build lego brick of WWII Italy Guns,You can download this book,It might be useful.Thank you for your support.




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